A Year in Review - Top 5 Year-End Reflection Questions to Ask Yourself

Reflecting on your year is a powerful way to end the year because it can help you to recognize/remember all the awesomeness that happened and plan your goals for the upcoming year.  

The New Year is quickly approaching so I wanted to share my TOP 5 year-end reflection questions.  I like these questions because they've got a positive focus.  We can be SO HARD on ourselves, which can often be very de-motivating, so I like to use questions that force me to think positively about how the year went.  

Here are my top 5 year-end reflection questions:  
  1. What were my favorite moments/highlights of the year?
  2. What were my biggest challenges/obstacles of the year?
  3. What accomplishments am I most proud of?  
  4. What NEW things did I try this year? Were these things outside my comfort zone?  
  5. What could I have done better?  

These questions can be applied in a general way, or you could specify separate answers to the questions for specific areas in life (i.e. wellness, professional, personal).  I encourage you to answers the questions thoughtfully and reflect on how your answers make you feel. 

Once you've finished your year-end reflection it's time to set your new goals for the upcoming year!  What do you want to accomplish in 20187?  I encourage you to set goals for all areas that are important to you and break them down into an action plan of measurable tasks/accomplishments that will help you achieve your goals.  Once you've got all this planned out, I suggest that you schedule a time to review your goals at the end of each month throughout the year. Monthly check-ins are very helpful to track your progress and make changes to your goals, which will keep you mindful of what you what to accomplish (and act on it!). 

NamaSTAY Fit for the Holidays

I've always loved intense workouts (fast pace, heavy weights, loud music... you get the picture).  But after my month-long illness this fall I needed to gradually work my way back into a good exercise routine and I started following along to various yoga and PiYo workouts in Beachbody on Demand.  My body feels great from all the restorative exercise and I find I'm enjoying these workouts more and more.  

I've decided I'm going to end the year with a little self-challenge by completing the 3 Week Yoga Retreat program, which means I'll do 3 straight weeks of yoga from December 11 - December 30.  I'm naming the challenge "Namastay Fit for the Holidays" - get it?  

Anyway, I will be completely transparent with you by admitting this is totally putting me outside of my comfort zone.  I'm not sure I'll survive with doing 3 weeks of yoga!  Will I get bored?  Will I like the program?  Will it be too hard?  too easy?  I HAVE NO IDEA!  But I'm willing to give it a shot because it's a do-able (the workouts are 30 minutes or less and they're appropriate for beginners) for me to keep up with and I believe the physical and mental benefits of yoga will be much needed over the next few hectic weeks.  

Would you like to join along with me and get your "flow on" over the next few weeks?  If you already have Beachbody on Demand there's nothing you need to do.  The 3 Week Yoga Retreat is included in your membership!  If you don't have Beachbody on Demand you can activate a free 14-day trial.  

Send me an email if you'd like to join along with me or want more info.  

Time Savers For Busy Moms

As a busy mom who works full time, weekends are my time to plan my meals, go grocery shopping and food prep.   This can sometimes be challenging to tackle on weekends, because... weekends are busy too!  Trying to fit this stuff in around swim lessons, birthday parties, family time, etc... can be pretty tough.  Luckily, I've found two awesome services that help me minimize time with some of these chores so I can enjoy more quality time with my family.  

Timesaver #1:  PlateJoy
This meal-planning service is DA BOMB.  You can customize a meal plan every week to meet your needs (how many meals, how many people, how much time you're willing to spend on each meal, food preferences, weight loss goals, etc). I have enjoyed (even LOVED) every single recipe that I've tried so far.  I can now get a customized meal plan in just a couple of minutes PLUS build my shopping list.  This process used to take me about 30-60 minutes when I was doing it on my own!  And even better, I can send the ingredients that I need directly into Instacart!  Which brings me to...

Timesaver #2:  Instacart
Instacart is a grocery delivery service.  In my area, they offer shopping from 8 different stores so I can shop from any of my preferred stores online, and have it delivered to my house.  The small delivery fee (10% of the order cost) makes up for itself in the time saved, stress saved (grocery shopping with a 4-year-old is NOT always easy), and money/calories saved (I'm not browsing the store buying extra food that we don't need) it's WELL worth it!  

These timesavers may or may not be for you, but I wanted to share because I know so many of are stretched thin and can benefit from services like these that simplify, save time and reduce some stress.  

If you have any tips or other time-saving services that you use - please share them in the comments of this post!  

How I Overcame My Obsessive Food Cravings

I want to be open with something I've struggled with for as long as I can remember... I'm always thinking about food!  And not in a good way.  It's more of an obsession about what I can eat and when I can eat again.  It tends to go in cycles for me based on a few factors that I've pinned down (current nutrition habits, stress, and boredom).  Needless to say, it's annoying, and usually, derails me from my nutrition goals since I'll eventually give in to my cravings.  

I also want to share the ONE THING THAT HAS HELPED ME overcome these struggles:  intermittent fasting.  I know, you're probably thinking this sounds horrible, maybe even unhealthy.  We've always heard that we should eat 5-6 times a day to "boost our metabolism' but the science has proven that theory wrong (just like other nutritional advice such as low-fat diets, etc.).  
To sum it up for you, intermittent fasting is NOT starving yourself.  It involves eating a healthy balanced diet but condensing your eating window to 10 or less hours per day. 

I have been testing out intermittent fasting throughout the last year or so and I ALWAYS notice 3 things: 

1) I feel great
2) I lose weight (more specifically FAT)
3) I do not struggle with the food obsession/cravings

I've also noticed a couple of more things... 

It's a habit that takes adjusting to.  When I re-start my intermittent fasting routine it always feels hard because I'm used to eating so frequently.  But it gets easier day by day, and what makes it easiest for me is prolonging my eating for as long as possible.  After testing out various fasting windows and eating patterns I've found my sweet spot with eating lunch for my first meal (between 12-1pm), having my Shakeology as a PM snack, and then having dinner.  I'm still eating the recommended amount of food but I'm now eating 3 bigger meals in a 5-6 hour window, as opposed to 5-6 times per day throughout a 12-14 hour window. 

After I began to notice my positive reactions and results with this eating pattern, I've begun to do a little research about intermittent fasting and I find it's incredible FASCINATING to see all of the proven benefits that it has to offer. 

If you'd like to learn more about intermittent fasting, here are the two books that I've learned a lot from:

There's plenty more books and blogs out there... so you'll have no struggle finding information that will help you decided if this is right for you.  Doing some research will also help your chances of success since you'll be better educated and prepared. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.  I'm happy to answer based on my own experiences!  My email is fabfitfunjen@gmail.com

No-Cook Vegan Tacos (21 Day Fix Approved!)

Recently, I watched the documentary What the Health... and it freaked me the F OUT. 

Yes I'm aware that the information in that documentary is pretty skewed and one-sided, however you can't deny the fact that plant-based foods are healthier for you than animal-products.  Since we watched the documentary we've started to cut back on eating meat and dairy in our family but I decided to take it a step further this week by challenging myself to a 5-day vegan meal plan. I'm not giving up meat, eggs, seafood, or dairy but I do want to cut back on my consumption of these products. 

So, when the time came to plan my meal plan for the week I pulled up the 21 Day Fix vegan eating plan (you can find this in the Program Materials under 21 Day Fix in Beachbody on Demand).  I knew I needed a well-balanced eating plan that would keep me fueled with the right balance of food that would optimize my workouts and my weight loss goals.  I am so thankful that Beachbody has this vegan meal plan option available.  Knowing exactly what and how much to eat (without counting calories) makes this so much easier and enjoyable. 

My goal was to eat delicious yet simple meals that wouldn't take much time to prep/cook.  I hit the jackpot with these delicious vegan tacos!  These are made with just 5 simple ingredients and there is NO COOKING REQUIRED! I'm definitely going to be keeping these on frequent rotation in my meal plans. 

2 corn tortillas
3/4 cup refried beans (I used Amy's Organic)
3/4 cup of shredded cabbage mix (coleslaw mix)
1/4 cup pico de gallo
1 100-calorie packet of guacamole

If you prefer to eat this warm, warm up the tortillas and beans in the microwave first. 
To assemble layer half of the beans, cabbage, pico de gallo and guacamole on each of the tortillas.

That's it! This probably will take you longer to eat than it will to prep! If you want to add anything additional you could try some of the "free" food options such as cilantro and/or hot sauce. 

21 Day Fix vegan container count:  1 yellow (B), 1 red, 1 green, 1 blue

If you'd like to try out 21 Day Fix (or any of the other Beachbody fitness and nutrition plans), click here to start your FREE 14-day trial of Beachbody on Demand.  I'll be assigned as your free coach and can help support you to ensure you get the best results possible. 

Questions?  Email me at fabfitfunjen@gmail.com

My Miracle Morning Routine for a Healthy Happy Life

Alarm goes off.  Your brain is filled with FML thoughts as you hit the snooze.   

Alarm goes off again.  You still have the FML thoughts and hit snooze just one more time.

Alarm goes off for the third time.  You peel yourself out of bed feeling a little zombie like as you go through the motions of your morning routine.

You're running late because you hit snooze so you're stressed out and also feeling pretty grumpy. 

Can you relate to this scenario?  If so, you better keep reading my friend! 

The scenario above was a typical day in my life BEFORE I found the Miracle Morning book (by Hal Elrod).  I heard about the book and often saw it as a recommended read for me in Amazon and Audible, but I avoided reading it for a while because... I thought it sounded kind of dumb and that I didn't need to improve my routine.  I was already exercising in the morning before work so I felt that I had a good thing going.  WRONG!

To make a long story short, I eventually read the book and LOVED it.  It took me reading it 3 times before I finally was able to open my mind enough to do all 6 of the SAVERS.  After much trial and error I found a routine that really worked for me.  I've been able to stay consistent with this routine for over 6 months now and it has helped me to improve my mindset, motivation, stress level, and fitness. It has helped me to consistently get "me time" every day, which has without a doubt had a tremendous positive impact on my personal, family and work life. 

I made a short video discussing my Miracle Morning routine, and I've included the exact apps that I use and strategy for planning my morning.  Also, I have included links to all of the apps in the notes in the video.  Watch it here:   

This routine can be done in as little as 30 minutes if needed, but I usually dedicate at least an hour to it.  I have found success by staying CONSISTENT with my routine.  Even if the length of the routine may vary day to day, I make sure to do all of the six "SAVERS" at least 5-6 days a week.  

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need any tips to get started with your morning routine.  And if you found this helpful, I would just love it if you would give my video a like (thumbs up!) because that will help make it visible to more people who can benefit from it!   

Are you interested in living a healthy and fulfilling life?  Join my FREE Facebook community here:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/myhealthyhappylife/

3 Healthy Tips for the Ice Cream Lovers

It's officially the start of summer!  Summer is my favorite season because I love the warm temps, long sunny days, tanned skin, beach trips, pool days and ICE CREAM DATES!!  What's not to love about that, right??  

If you find ice cream as irresistible and wonderful as I do, I think you'll find these tips helpful! 

Here are 3 tips to help you enjoy ice cream responsibly this summer:  

1.  Don't keep ice cream in the house.  Notice I said "ice cream date" above?  That is because I've stopped keeping it in the house, because when it's in the house... I EAT IT ALL.  When ice cream is in stock in our house, the evil voice in my head is constantly urging me to eat it.  So to avoid the constant temptation, I keep it out of the house and make my ice cream indulgence more of a fun event (instead of me secretly binging on it alone, and feeling guilty about it).  We usually go on family ice cream dates 1-2 times a week during the summer.  It's great bonding time for our family and helps me to limit my intake.  

2.  Choose your ice cream wisely.   My advice is to get REAL ice cream - the decadent full fat version.  I can get a kiddie size of regular ice cream and feel completely satisfied.  I could eat a gallon of froyo and still want more.  Personally, I would rather go with feeling satisfied over feeling like I can't get enough.  

Also, try reading the ingredients of these low-fat/low-cal options.  Think of how much extra sugar/additives are added into something to make it taste as good?? G-R-O-S-S if you ask me!  And don't even get me started on Halo Top.  This is marketed to people by the total calories by pint - they are basically encouraging people to binge on it because of the low calorie/carb totals.  I bought it once and pretty much ate the whole thing in one sitting.  Did I feel satisfied... not at all.  But I did have some nice gas and stomach cramping, which is a side effect of one of it's main ingredients:  erythritol.  It can also cause diarrhea and headaches, but luckily I dodged those bullets.  

3.  Make NICE CREAM.  There are tons of healthyISH ice-cream alternatives you can make right at home, using just a few simple ingredients.  They are still high in sugar but most recipes are based off bananas, so the sugar content is mostly coming from the naturally occurring sugar in the fruit.  You can search Pinterest for healthy nice cream recipes, or try the ones I have posted on my blog:  
I hope you found these tips helpful!  If you have any questions/ comments, please post them below or email me at fabfitfunjen@gmail.com 

Healthy Chocolate Chia Superfood Pudding


I can't even tell you how excited I get when I discover healthy dessert-like recipes... that actually taste good!  

I have had Shakeology for breakfast almost every day, since I started using it over 3 years ago.  I love having it for breakfast because it truly is the healthiest meal of the day for me, so I like to get all those nutrients in as early as possible to keep me fueled up and energized throughout day.  

I like to make different variations with my Shakeology whenever possible, because it helps keep it fun and interesting.  I'll make different types of shakes, smoothie bowls, and puddings.  I went with the pudding option for this recipe and it was so good, I knew this was a share-worthy recipe!  

  • 1 Scoop vegan chocolate Shakeology
  • 1/2 cup toasted coconut almond milk
  • 1/2 frozen banana
  • 1 TBL Chia seeds
  • 1 tsp coconut flour 
  • 1 tsp almond butter
Optional toppings: whipped cream, Enjoy Life mini chocolate chips 

Directions:  it's pretty simple... put everything in a blender and blend until creamy! I topped it off with a small squirt of whipped cream and a 1 tsp of Enjoy Life chocolate chips.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! If you'd like to learn more about Shakeology please go here to get more info.

Moving Day

That's a wrap folks!  Today is our last "wake up" in our townhouse and I just completed my final workout in this living room!  

Back in 2008 I started dating this cute Guy who lived here.  He went on to become my husband and we grew our family into three when we had my son in 2013.  

This is the living room has been good to me over the years.... 

I pretty much lived in here while pregnant and during my maternity leave.   This is the room where we experienced the magic of Christmas morning, family movie nights, "date" nights, laughs, tears... and this is the room where transformed my health. 

I've worked out in this room since March 10, 2014 (first day of 21 Day Fix).  As a girl who always claimed to HATE home workouts, I surely never expected to keep this going for so long.  I've truly transformed my body, mind and overall state of health RIGHT HERE IN THIS ROOM! ❤️ 

Will I miss this place?  Don't think so!  But I am grateful for all that it has given me!  

Now, on to the next mini-chapter for summer, until the new house is ready for us!  

Shaun Week: Change Your Body and Your Mind

Shaun Week is coming!!  The legend Shaun T (creator of Insanity, T25, Cize...) is about to launch his newest program EXCLUSIVELY to the Beachbody on Demand community.  

Shaun Week: Insane Focus is a seven-day, intensive, full-body boot camp developed by Shaun T to motivate you to dig deeper than you ever thought possible. Expect to be challenged, wiped out, and totally reinvigorated with cardio, intense strength conditioning, abs/core, and lots and lots of sweat. Shaun Week is not just about physical fitness.  It's about a physical AND mental transformation that will ignite your motivation and set the foundation for ongoing healthy habits.  

I am so flipping excited for this program because I am in serious need of a healthy-habit REBOOT.  I've just finished an insane travel schedule for work that's spanned the last two months.  I haven't been consistent with my nutrition and the result is unwanted added lbs/body fat and a lack in motivation.  I'll be starting on June 12th and will be opening a private Shaun Week accountability group for my coaches and customers who want to join me.  Read below for further details!  

What is Shaun Week?

Seven days of furious, fat-atomizing workouts that are 30-40 minutes in length.  One workout will be released per day, so you won't be able to jump ahead with the workouts.  The workouts are:
  • Workout #1:  Insane Basics
  • Workout #2:  Pure Cardio Part 2
  • Workout #3:  Insane weights
  • Workout #4:  25 minute abs
  • Workout #5:  Ripsanity
  • Workout #6:  Speed 4.0
  • Workout #7:  Dig Deep
But don’t think that it stops after 7 days, Shaun T promises a hybrid calendar so that you can complete a full 30 day program! 

When does Shaun week start?

Starts Monday June 12.  

Who is Shaun Week for?

This program is for ANYONE looking to get fit. Every workout will have a modifier that makes it adaptable to ALL FITNESS LEVELS.  He's even including a chair option for those that cannot get to the floor for certain moves.  I love that he has gone to such great lengths to make this a program that anyone can do!  

How much does Shaun Week cost? 

Current Beachbody on Demand (BOD) members will get Shaun Week at no additional cost.  The workouts will begin loading into your library daily, starting Monday June 12th.  

If you are not a current Beachbody on Demand customer you can sign up for a FREE 14-day trial which will give you an ALL ACCESS pass to everything ever created by Beachbody - including Shaun week!  

Join my FREE Shaun Week Accountability group!

As I mentioned above, I am beyond excited for this.  Not only for my own personal reasons, but also to help others get results and feel motivated again.  I'll be hosting a private accountability group so we can have accountability and support to make it through the week. This group is 100% FREE to any of my customers or coaches who have the All Access Beachbody on Demand membership or the 14-day Beachbody On Demand trial.  

Want to join us?  Fill out this form with your contact information and I'll be in touch to get you set up for the group.  

If you have any questions please feel free to email me at fabfitfunjen@gmail.com

7 Essential Tips for Staying Healthy While Traveling

I've recently been traveling a lot for the training program I'm in at work.  It's been a pretty demanding schedule to keep up with, but throughout it all I've managed to stay somewhat on track with my healthy habits.

Whether it's for business or pleasure (maybe both!), it's important to keep up with your normal exercise schedule and nutrition while you're away.  You might think I'm crazy for saying that (and that's OK - you're not the first!) so let me explain my philosophy.... 

First, it is REALLY easy to undo results.  We put in all this work to look and feel good, and it takes a long time to get those results.  if you come to a screeching halt by stopping your workouts and having a free-for-all on the food, you are going to be feeling pretty horrid (mentally and physically) by the time the trip is over.  The second reason behind my belief is this:  I need stamina to keep up with the demands of a travel schedule.  Exercising and eating healthy food will give me the physical and mental stamina to feel my best and make it through the long days.  Look at the BENEFITS that will come from your efforts, and don't look at is as punishment! 

To help keep your body and mind in good working order while your away, I am sharing these 7 essential tips that can help you stay healthy while traveling. 

1.  Plan ahead
Review your schedule and research the location / lodging amenities.  How much time can you squeeze in for your workouts?  Is there a gym?  Running trail?  Fitness studio??  Whether you are home or away, healthy habits are not developed out of luck, they are developed from proper planning and intention. 

2.  Bring your gym with you
I stream my workouts from Beachbody on Demand, so I know I will need to have the workouts downloaded on my device or be able to connect to Wi-Fi.  I also pack a lightweight yoga mat and resistance bands.  If I have my trainer and equipment with me, it eliminates many of the excuses I used to use for not exercising while away. 

BOTTOM LINE:  Take ownership and pack what YOU need to get your workouts in, so you are not relying on anyone or anything else to make it happen.

3.  Pack healthy snacks
Packing healthy snacks can save you money AND calories!  The 2 healthy snacks I always pack with me are my Shakeology (the vegan chocolate flavor is my favorite flavor to bring since it still tastes very yummy when mixed with plain water), 100 calorie packs of almonds, and RX bars.  These snacks are my go-to's because they all very clean, portable and portion-controlled. Fruit can be a good choice too but I find I am more satisfied with snacks that have fat and/or protein.
Carry your snacks with you so you have something to much on whenever you need.  You don't want to end up starving and paying 4x the price for an unhealthy and/or unsatisfying snack.

4.  Schedule your workouts
Regardless of the nature of your trip (business, adventure, relax, etc...) you should be planning ahead on when and what your workout will be each day.  I am a huge advocate of morning workouts because to me, exercise is the thing that has the biggest impact on my day.  Therefore, I like to check it off my list first thing in the morning.  I can't control what happens during the day so I know the longer I wait, the harder it will be to make it happen.  My advice to you is do what works best for you.  If you have no trouble cranking out a midday or evening workout, then have at it my friend!  Just make sure you have a clear commitment to your workout before the day begins.  No commitment often means no workout. 

5.  Make breakfast your healthiest meal of the day
Just like my preference to get my workout in early, I find that getting my healthiest meal in early helps keep me from totally blowing it with my nutrition.  My goal is to get my healthiest meal in first to assure my body gets the proper nutrition it needs - regardless of hat happens with my later choices.

I almost always have my Shakeology for breakfast so this works out in my favor while I'm traveling because it's such a convenient meal to make PLUS it's much cheaper and healthier than anything else you'd buy.  I bought this awesome little travel blender to the with me while I'm traveling and I've been packing a few of the Justin's almond butter single-serve packs with me since I always add healthy fat to my shake.  I can blend it up with just ice and water, or (depending on the amenities of where I'm staying) I can blend with almond milk and/or fruit.

If you don't drink Shakeology or just want a hot breakfast, a good choice if getting an omelet with little (or none at all) cheese and veggies.  Starting your day off with a high-protein healthy meal will set you off on a good start to the day and will help you to avoid the bloating and energy crash that comes from high-carb breakfast choices like oatmeal, fruit & yogurt parfait or any of the more dessert-like breakfast choices (muffins, pancakes, etc).  PLUS I consider these choices to be a no-no because these meals have WAY more carbs in one plate than you should be consuming in a day.

6.  Hydrate
This is so important!!  At a minimum, you should be drinking at least half your body weight (in ounces) of water per day.  Example:  if you weigh 160 lbs you should be drinking at least 80 oz of water PER DAY.

Make sure you always have water with you and I suggest tracking your water consumption to help you stay on track.  I use the Fitbit app to track my water, but if you don't have a Fitbit there are others apps or you can even do it manually via a note on your phone or the good old fashioned pen and paper method.

Stay away from soda and sugary drinks.  You don't need the sugar or other nasty ingredients in your body!

7.  Set some boundaries for dining out
As mentioned above, I typically will make my shake for breakfast and will have my healthy snacks on hand so I only have to worry about meals for lunch and dinner.  I like to opt for a salad with (with a lean protein like chicken or shrimp) for lunch whenever possible because dinner tends to be the meal I like to save my cheats for when I'm traveling.  I know that I'll likely have some wine or a cocktail with dinner, and once I have that drink in me I can easily lose track of what I'm eating and become more likely to choose less healthy options.

My advice is to think about your day and figure out what meal would be the most challenging to make a healthy choice.  Limit yourself to a maximum of one cheat meal per day and set a limit on drinks as well.  Having clear expectations and boundaries will help keep you from overdoing it and that is a GOOD THING because let's face it - it's not fun feeling bloated, unhealthy and tired.

And I should share one last BONUS TIP with you all because this one is pretty important:  GET YOUR BUTT BACK IN GEAR IMMEDIATELY AFTER YOUR TRIP!  Have your fun while your away but reel back in fast once you get home.  If you don't, it ill become harder and harder to get going again.  I usually do the 3 Day Refresh after a trip because that helps to flush out all the nasty stuff and kick any of the unhealthy cravings that tend to linger after I get back.  If you would like more info about the 3 Day Refresh check out my blog post here so you can learn about how it works and see my results.

I hope you found these tips helpful!  If you have any questions, please post in the comments or email me at fabfitfunjen@gmail.com.  

Rainbow Unicorn Superfood Smoothie

The world seems to be obsessed with the new Starbucks Unicorn Frappacino.  I think it looks kind of nasty, so I decided to make my own unicorn-inspired drink! 🦄

This rainbow unicorn superfood smoothie is pretty, delicious, super healthy and filling (because it's made with real food and packed with protein!). 


Make the smoothie in 3 batches.  Make each batch separately using 1/2 scoop vegan vanilla Shakeology, 4 oz unsweetened almond milk, and 1/4 cup frozen fruit.   (Tip: choose 3 different colored fruits to get the rainbow effect).  

For this recipe I used Califia toasted coconut almond milk for the liquid and used strawberries for the bottom layer, mangoes for the middle layer, and blueberries for the top layer.  I sprinkled the top with 1 TBL of unsweetened coconut and a tiny shake of pink sugar crystals.

I know my creation sure is healthier than Starbucks', but I also think it's much prettier!  What do you think??


Want to learn more about Shakeology?  Click here to see why it's so awesome!

Everything You Need to Know About Beachbody on Demand (volume 2)

Hello!  So a couple of years ago, Beachbody on Demand was launched.  I did a blog post about it at the time but it's clearly time for a new one because this product has EXPLODED since then, and I am constantly getting emails from people who have questions about the product.

First, let me start by saying this:  Beachbody on Demand is hands down the most valuable health/fitness related investment that you can ever find.  I've been a life-long purchaser of gym memberships, diet plans, and infomercials and I have never in my life seen anything of such quality offered at such a low price.  Here's why I feel so strongly about this:  Beachbody on Demand gives you EVERYTHING you need to get results - fitness programs designed by some of the world's best trainers and the supporting resources to help you get the best results (nutrition guides, meal plans, how-to's).  And best of all, you get a free coach when you subscribe!  I can't speak for all coaches, but if you were to join with me as your coach you'd get unlimited access to me personally, access to my virtual accountability groups, access to my healthy lifestyle Facebook community, and access to my Get Started Right portal where I provide tons of tips, meal plans, and more. Yup all of this is yours for just a couple of bucks PER WEEK.

So basically, if you don't have this yet, I think you're nuts!

OK, so now that I got that off my chest, I will step off my soap box and break down what's included in the different memberships - including cost and

What do the different Beachbody on Demand  memberships include? 

There are two different memberships:  basic and All Access.

Both memberships offer access to a digital member library which includes fitness programs along with their accompanying materials (eating plan, program guide, workout schedule, and more).  There are Beachbody on Demand exclusives in the library which give you access to workouts and programs ONLY AVAILABLE in Beachbody on Demand.  Also included is access to the healthy cooking show Fixate, by Autumn Calabrese.  Beachbody on Demand is like a health and fitness version of Netflix! 

Check out this comparison so you can understand the difference between the two programs.

What is the All Access Challenge Pack?  

The All Access Challenge Pack is the best way to go if you want to get results, and also get a deal!

With the All Access Challenge Pack you'll get the Annual All Access membership (as listed above) PLUS:

  • Portion Fix eating plan
  • Portion Fix food containers
  • Shaker cup
  • 30 Days of Shakeology

You literally get all the tools you need to get results, plus the support to make it work.  Listen to Beachbody CEO explain the benefits and savings that come with your Challenge pack investment:

All of this is offered at a discounted price of only $199 (buying these items separately adds up to over $270).  You can't beat that type of value!  Well..... maybe there is one way you can:  

For a VERY LIMITED TIME, Beachbody is slashing the price on the All Access Challenge Pack for it's Spring into Health promotion.  For the month of April (2017) the price has dropped to $160! This is incredible!  The price of Shakeology alone is $129, so that means for a mere $30 more you are getting the Annual All Access Beachbody on Demand membership ($99.95 value) and the Portion Fix eating plan and containers ($39.95 value).  I think is what you call a NO BRAINER!  

How can I order the All Access Challenge Pack?  

You can order the All Access Challenge Pack through your Team Beachbody Coach.  If you would like to order and have me assigned as your free coach you can do so here.  

When you have me as a coach, you'll get unlimited access to me for support.  I take my job as a coach very seriously because I am truly passionate about everything this company stands for.  As your coach, I'll help you set realistic goals for your lifestyle and then choose a program that fits your needs.  I'll add you into my private accountability group where I'll provide you with daily support, motivation, accountability, tips, recipes, and more!   

This is an investment that can change your life so I assure you that I am in this with you, every step of the way,  to make that happen!

If you have questions about any of this, please feel free to contact me at fabfitfunjen@gmail.com.  

How to Get the Best Results from Your Beachbody Program

Spring is here, so it's time to KICK THINGS INTO GEAR!  

Since many of you are gearing up to start (or re-start) a Beachbody program, I wanted to share with you some of my top tips on how you can get the best results from your program.

For such a small investment, you are now equipped with some incredibly effective tools and resources that can help you reach your goals.  BUT it doesn't work unless YOU do!  Over the last several years I have been both a customer AND a coach, so I have a solid understanding of why people succeed and fail.    

So, whether you are a customer or coach of mine, under someone else, or someone who is a little curious about Beachbody programs... I think you'll find this helpful.  

Watch this short video to get my TOP TIPS on how to get the best results with your Beachbody program!   

If you are looking for a simple and effective way to eat healthy and stay fit, I can help!  Send me a quick email at fabfitfunjen@gmail.com to request info about my free accountability groups and coaching services.  


Here we are, in March - already!  This is a very special month for me because it will be my 4th anniversary of becoming a mom and my 3rd FITversary (fitness anniversary).  To celebrate this special occasion, I am gearing up for my next accountability group / fit club and I'm on a mission to help a LOT of people achieve their goals.  

Let me give you some of the back story... 

3 years ago I was at low point in my health.  My son was 11 months old and I was struggling to lose the baby weight.  Well, I should say I desperately wanted to lose the baby weight but my poor planning lead to weekly failed attempts with efforts to eat healthy and exercise.  I was unhappy with the way I looked and the way I felt (both physically and mentally) and was caught in a vicious cycle of anxiety and insomnia.  Every day I tried to hide from the truth that I was living with by wearing Spanx to help conceal the body that I was neglecting and taking medication (both prescription and natural remedies) to deal with the anxiety and insomnia. 

So when the opportunity came to me to join a challenge group in March 2014, I decided I would try it.  I knew it couldn't make me any worse off than I was!  I knew I needed to make a change not only for myself, but for my family.  Within the first 21 days I had successfully developed healthy habits and lost the remaining baby weight. I was able to overcome the anxiety and insomnia with these new healthy lifestyle changes and have been able to stop all medications. I stopped wearing Spanx and began wearing confidence (check out the pic of me holding up my old Spanx!!).  

So here we are 3 YEARS LATER and I can assure you that I am healthier, happier and more confident than ever… which has helped me to be a better mom and wife!

I am so thankful that I finally realized that I HAD to make a change, and that I got that invite from my coach to join her challenge group. If it wasn't for her I wouldn't be here today! I had no faith in the products (I was a hater!) but I had faith in her when she shared her results and story with me. She helped me pick a simple plan to follow, guided me on my nutrition, and held me accountable to my workouts. After almost a year at failed attempts at dieting, I finally found something that worked for me. I am forever grateful that she reached out and invited me, and for the time and energy that she dedicated to helping me get results.

Because of that experience I had, I was inspired to pay it forward. I became a coach and have been running these virtual accountability groups for almost 3 years now! I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to help other women overcome their struggles with nutrition / fitness and to see their amazing transformations unfold. This has been one of the most rewarding things I have ever done in my life!

Starts Monday March 20th! 

Are you looking for a simple system to follow that will help you create lasting healthy habits?  Could you benefit from accountability to help you stay consistent?  Would you just LOVE to connect with other motivated women who will help keep you motivated and inspired on your journey??

If you answered YES to any of the questions above, then I feel confident that you could benefit from joining my next accountability group! As your coach I promise to be by your side every step of the way.   I'm going to help you reclaim your life by carving out as little as 25 minutes a day for exercise, eating with the purpose to feel good (not lose weight), and sharing with you my tips and resources to help you believe in yourself and stay motivated to be FIT FOR LIFE.  

You can expect to feel healthier, happier, confident and energized.  And you can expect to be able to have less stress, more patience, and a better ability to focus  - all because you are giving your mind and body some much needed TLC!  

ARE YOU IN!?! Fill out this application to save your spot and request more info!  

PS:  Don't worry, if you missed out on this group you can still fill out the application and I'll contact you to let you know when my next group starts!   

Fill out my online form.
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BBQ Chicken Pita Pizza

So, last week I shared my Core De Force results and you may recall I mentioned that I never got around to making the BBQ chicken pizza from the Core De Force eating plan.  I decided then that I would add it to my menu for that week because it looked so delicious and was a very simple recipe to make.  

I am now kicking myself in the A$$ for not making this sooner.  I was absolutely delicious and incredibly easy to make.  I will definitely be keeping this in frequent rotation on my menu!  

I have to share that I LOVED the fresh cilantro sprinkled on top, it really made the flavor go from good to HOLY SH!T THIS IS AMAZING.  I would have never thought that BBQ sauce and cilantro would go good together.  Seems like an odd combo to me, so I'm glad I gave it a shot and did not miss out on that awesomeness.  If you are on the fence about it like I was, I encourage you to please try it!  

So, without further ado, here is the recipe.   I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!  


1 (6½-inch) whole wheat pita
2 TBL BBQ Sauce (look for an all-natural variety that is low in sugar)
2 TBL shredded mozzarella cheese
1 ⁄3 cup chopped cooked chicken breast*
2 TBL chopped red onion
1 TBL chopped fresh cilantro

*Tip:  I usually buy a rotisserie chicken from Whole Foods every week to have on hand for recipes like this that require adding in pre-cooked chicken.  


1. Preheat oven to 350° F.
2. Place pita on baking sheet. Top with BBQ Sauce, cheese, chicken, and onion.
3. Bake for 10 to 12 minutes, or until cheese is melted.
4. Sprinkle with cilantro; serve immediately.

If you'd like to learn more about Core De Force please review this post or email me at fabfitfunjen@gmail.com.
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