Time Savers For Busy Moms

As a busy mom who works full time, weekends are my time to plan my meals, go grocery shopping and food prep.   This can sometimes be challenging to tackle on weekends, because... weekends are busy too!  Trying to fit this stuff in around swim lessons, birthday parties, family time, etc... can be pretty tough.  Luckily, I've found two awesome services that help me minimize time with some of these chores so I can enjoy more quality time with my family.  

Timesaver #1:  PlateJoy
This meal-planning service is DA BOMB.  You can customize a meal plan every week to meet your needs (how many meals, how many people, how much time you're willing to spend on each meal, food preferences, weight loss goals, etc). I have enjoyed (even LOVED) every single recipe that I've tried so far.  I can now get a customized meal plan in just a couple of minutes PLUS build my shopping list.  This process used to take me about 30-60 minutes when I was doing it on my own!  And even better, I can send the ingredients that I need directly into Instacart!  Which brings me to...

Timesaver #2:  Instacart
Instacart is a grocery delivery service.  In my area, they offer shopping from 8 different stores so I can shop from any of my preferred stores online, and have it delivered to my house.  The small delivery fee (10% of the order cost) makes up for itself in the time saved, stress saved (grocery shopping with a 4-year-old is NOT always easy), and money/calories saved (I'm not browsing the store buying extra food that we don't need) it's WELL worth it!  

These timesavers may or may not be for you, but I wanted to share because I know so many of are stretched thin and can benefit from services like these that simplify, save time and reduce some stress.  

If you have any tips or other time-saving services that you use - please share them in the comments of this post!  

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