Exercise to Improve Your Mood & Your 'Tude!

Ever find yourself feeling grumpy or getting caught up with a negative attitude?  
Here's one solution that might help:  Exercise!  

The endorphins from exercise can help improve your mood and attitude.  You don't need a lot of time to do it - just 30 minutes can be enough to help improve your fitness and make you happier!  When you have a positive mindset you attract more positive things and people into your life, so it's a win-win situation.  If you want to continue on being a Debbie Downer than you can expect that your attitude and mindset will continually attract more negativity to you.  So its a must that you snap out of it if you want to make a change!  

And if you need some motivation to get started try playing your favorite music that gets you pumped up, go outside, take a group fitness class, or seek out a workout buddy.  It's hard to get the motivation to do it when you are in a bad mood, but once you get the rush from those endorphins you'll be so thankful that you did it!  

If you need some accountability with your health and fitness fill out my Challenge Group Application (it's confidential) and share your goals with me.  My challenge groups are private accountability groups that help motivate you and keep you on track.  You'll have tons of fun and form meaningful relationships with others in the group who are on the same mission as you!  

How I Sweat My Anxiety Away

When I first started my "fit mom journey" back in march 2013, I started because I hated my body and I wanted to lose weight.  I was dealing with anxiety and insomnia at the time, but I had come to cope with those issues by taking medication to help me deal with them. However there was no pill I could take to make me feel good about the way I looked.  

So, after almost a year of failed attempts, I started once again.  This time I started with a home workout system since I did not have the opportunity to get to the gym regularly.  I would press play every day and get my sweat on at 5AM while my son was still fast asleep.  It was a tough adjustment that first week, but going into week two I noticed that I was feeling pretty good.  I realized that I wasn't having to take my anxiety medicine as much and that I was falling back asleep when I woke during the night.  Going into the third week I stopped taking all meds completely.  Just a few weeks of regular exercise (and clean eating) had me feeling like my old self again!!!

I think that the early morning workouts were especially beneficial for me because the rush of endorphins and sense of accomplishment that I was starting my day with helped me to form a more positive mindset about the rest of my day, instead of waking up and feeling tired and frantic like I had been.  Before I started I was feel overtired when I woke and would feel anxious almost immediately.  It was a downward spiral from there and often  I would joke that I would get anxiety about getting anxiety, so I was in constant state of worry and panic.  When this pattern began to melt away I felt as if I was reclaiming my life back!  

Although it was a little hard waking up earlier at first, I was feeling so good that I didn't care.  And once I was sleeping better through the night I was feeling much more rested, even with the earlier wakeup.  Now I am addicted to my early-morning workouts.  Nothing makes me feel as good as a good sweat session to kick off my day! On days that I don't exercise (at all or in the morning) I notice a dramatic drop in my energy level and motivation. 

If you are struggling with mental health issues I highly suggest you begin to incorporate regular exercise into your day.  I never thought I'd have the energy to do it since I was lacking so much sleep, but I think that after becoming a mom my body was used to lots of demands and little sleep!  

I know it's hard to find the motivation and a system that works for you, so if you would like some accountability and help selecting a workout program email me at fabfitfunjen@gmail.com.  I provide both one on one and group coaching to my clients at no charge when you invest in a home workout program.  

If you have the right support system and plan in place you can make a drastic improvement with both your physical and mental state of health!  

Post-Workout Nutrition

Consuming the right nutrients after your workout can be a total game changer.  The muscle breakdown that occurs during your workouts is what gets you those fabulous GAINS that help improve your your results and performance.  The key the key to benefiting from this breakdown is a quick recovery.  I never paid much attention to post-workout nutrition, but since I have started using Beachbody Recover after my workouts I will tell you my results have never been better!  

Recover is a chocolate protein drink that's loaded with phytonutrients and amino acids to help repair and recover your muscles after the strain/breakdown from your workout. It also reduces the muscle soreness after your workout which is a major bonus!  It's really yummy (tastes like chocolate Yoo-Hoo!) so it can easily be mixed up with water in a shaker cup. 

I have also been adding in creatine to my Recover drink which helps me to push harder and increase strength, power and endurance in my workouts.   I use the creatine from the Beachbody Performance line which is a creatine monohydrate product (the most effectively proven form of creatine) and is NSF-certified.  Since I've been using this I've seen rapid improvements in my workouts and I'm lifting heavier than ever before. I'll be honest - I always thought creatine was for the dudes only but it turns out that it's an equal-opportunity workout enhancer that's great for both women and men.

In closing, if you are serious about your fitness and you want to improve your performance, then you need to choose wisely when it comes to your post-workout nutrition and supplements.  If you would like to learn more about the Beachbody Performance line email me at fabfitfunjen@gmail.com or order your Beachbody Performance sampler here to try out the variety of products offered.  

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