Rainbow Unicorn Superfood Smoothie

The world seems to be obsessed with the new Starbucks Unicorn Frappacino.  I think it looks kind of nasty, so I decided to make my own unicorn-inspired drink! 🦄

This rainbow unicorn superfood smoothie is pretty, delicious, super healthy and filling (because it's made with real food and packed with protein!). 


Make the smoothie in 3 batches.  Make each batch separately using 1/2 scoop vegan vanilla Shakeology, 4 oz unsweetened almond milk, and 1/4 cup frozen fruit.   (Tip: choose 3 different colored fruits to get the rainbow effect).  

For this recipe I used Califia toasted coconut almond milk for the liquid and used strawberries for the bottom layer, mangoes for the middle layer, and blueberries for the top layer.  I sprinkled the top with 1 TBL of unsweetened coconut and a tiny shake of pink sugar crystals.

I know my creation sure is healthier than Starbucks', but I also think it's much prettier!  What do you think??


Want to learn more about Shakeology?  Click here to see why it's so awesome!

Everything You Need to Know About Beachbody on Demand (volume 2)

Hello!  So a couple of years ago, Beachbody on Demand was launched.  I did a blog post about it at the time but it's clearly time for a new one because this product has EXPLODED since then, and I am constantly getting emails from people who have questions about the product.

First, let me start by saying this:  Beachbody on Demand is hands down the most valuable health/fitness related investment that you can ever find.  I've been a life-long purchaser of gym memberships, diet plans, and infomercials and I have never in my life seen anything of such quality offered at such a low price.  Here's why I feel so strongly about this:  Beachbody on Demand gives you EVERYTHING you need to get results - fitness programs designed by some of the world's best trainers and the supporting resources to help you get the best results (nutrition guides, meal plans, how-to's).  And best of all, you get a free coach when you subscribe!  I can't speak for all coaches, but if you were to join with me as your coach you'd get unlimited access to me personally, access to my virtual accountability groups, access to my healthy lifestyle Facebook community, and access to my Get Started Right portal where I provide tons of tips, meal plans, and more. Yup all of this is yours for just a couple of bucks PER WEEK.

So basically, if you don't have this yet, I think you're nuts!

OK, so now that I got that off my chest, I will step off my soap box and break down what's included in the different memberships - including cost and

What do the different Beachbody on Demand  memberships include? 

There are two different memberships:  basic and All Access.

Both memberships offer access to a digital member library which includes fitness programs along with their accompanying materials (eating plan, program guide, workout schedule, and more).  There are Beachbody on Demand exclusives in the library which give you access to workouts and programs ONLY AVAILABLE in Beachbody on Demand.  Also included is access to the healthy cooking show Fixate, by Autumn Calabrese.  Beachbody on Demand is like a health and fitness version of Netflix! 

Check out this comparison so you can understand the difference between the two programs.

What is the All Access Challenge Pack?  

The All Access Challenge Pack is the best way to go if you want to get results, and also get a deal!

With the All Access Challenge Pack you'll get the Annual All Access membership (as listed above) PLUS:

  • Portion Fix eating plan
  • Portion Fix food containers
  • Shaker cup
  • 30 Days of Shakeology

You literally get all the tools you need to get results, plus the support to make it work.  Listen to Beachbody CEO explain the benefits and savings that come with your Challenge pack investment:

All of this is offered at a discounted price of only $199 (buying these items separately adds up to over $270).  You can't beat that type of value!  Well..... maybe there is one way you can:  

For a VERY LIMITED TIME, Beachbody is slashing the price on the All Access Challenge Pack for it's Spring into Health promotion.  For the month of April (2017) the price has dropped to $160! This is incredible!  The price of Shakeology alone is $129, so that means for a mere $30 more you are getting the Annual All Access Beachbody on Demand membership ($99.95 value) and the Portion Fix eating plan and containers ($39.95 value).  I think is what you call a NO BRAINER!  

How can I order the All Access Challenge Pack?  

You can order the All Access Challenge Pack through your Team Beachbody Coach.  If you would like to order and have me assigned as your free coach you can do so here.  

When you have me as a coach, you'll get unlimited access to me for support.  I take my job as a coach very seriously because I am truly passionate about everything this company stands for.  As your coach, I'll help you set realistic goals for your lifestyle and then choose a program that fits your needs.  I'll add you into my private accountability group where I'll provide you with daily support, motivation, accountability, tips, recipes, and more!   

This is an investment that can change your life so I assure you that I am in this with you, every step of the way,  to make that happen!

If you have questions about any of this, please feel free to contact me at fabfitfunjen@gmail.com.  

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