Thanksgiving Survival Guide

Yes, I'm writing this blog post to share some tips that will help you stay (somewhat) healthy over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.  Let me clarify that I'm not saying you need to be deprived and miserable, crying over the pie you want to eat so badly.  This post is to share with you some REALISTIC tips that will help you enjoy the feast in moderation, so you don't end up feeling sick, bloated and disappointed come Monday.  Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful for your blessings and enjoy time with loved ones, it's not a time to go on a 4 day free-for-all binge. 

Ok, so first things first, remember the motto "BURN IT TO EARN IT."  This is my slogan to remind myself that if I want to enjoy all of the delicious food I better get a solid workout in before I start the feastin!  This is surely no day to skip your workout.  In fact, it's quite the opposite.  This is a day to intensify or extend your workout!  Your workout will boost your metabolism, increase your energy and make you feel happier.  Our health is our most valuable possession so treat your Thanksgiving workout as an exercise of gratitude.  

Alright, now that you've gotten your workout in we can move on to hydration and nutrition tips.  Here are my best tips to help keep you on track:  

  • Hydrate.  Make sure you drink at least 8-10 glasses of water.  I find the easiest thing to do on holidays is to load up on water earlier in the day.  That way, I know my body is well hydrated in the event that I want to enjoy some wine or get distracted in the day and forget to drink my water.  
  • Make a healthy breakfast.  This ensures that you get in one healthy meal during the day.  I always have my Shakeology for breakfast on holidays.  Yes it's tempting to have pancakes, waffles, french toast etc with my husband and son but unfortunately I do not have the blessing of their fast metabolism so I have to say no.  If you don't drink Shakeology, then go for another breakfast option that is high in protein and nutrients.  
  • Limit appetizers.  Try not to graze with the appetizers because you'll end up eating way too much and stuffing yourself before the real food even comes.  Get a small plate for appetizers so you can see everything that you'll be eating.  When the plate is done, so are you.  Save room for the dinner and dessert! 
  • Portion control is key.  Only use one plate for your meal.  Even if you fill up one plate that is a LOT of food.  I always make sure to get a hefty serving of turkey and vegetables to fill majority of the plate, then leave smaller room for the less-healthy options.  
  • Eat slowly.  Put your fork down in between bites to slow yourself down.  This will help you savor the meal by enjoying it more slowly, and will also prevent you from that sickly feeling when you eat too much food too quickly.
  • Just say no to seconds.  If there is something you want more of, set it aside for leftovers the next day.  
  • Watch the alcohol.  This is important because alcohol makes you have bad judgement and also gives you a hangover.  If you can limit your booze intake you'll likely have better control over your food choices and feel better the following day.  Try to limit the number of drinks that you have and space them out by alternating with glasses of water.  


Thanksgiving is one day, only one day people!  Let yourself enjoy what you want that day and then reel it back in on Friday.  Sure it's Ok to have leftover but enjoy them in moderation.  Try to stick with the healthier leftovers and balance them into your usual dietary plan.  Since I follow the Portion Fix plan I make sure to track my food by the proper containers.  The food might not be typically approved by the plan, but as long as I am limiting my portions and tracking what I eat, I know I'll do OK.  

Make sure that you continue to get your regularly scheduled workouts in throughout the weekend.  If you're traveling you can do streaming workouts from Beachbody on Demand or go for a walk/run. If you're feeling unmotivated then see if you can find a workout buddy to help motivate you.  I know it's tempting to skip workouts at times like this, but you're going to feel so much better if you get them done.  

Make sure out carve out time during the weekend to do your meal plan and food prep for the following week.  This is going to help you get back on track with your nutrition so you don't fall into a downward spiral over the next month.  This is a make or break week for many.  If you don't want to undo all of your hard work, then put the effort in and get your nutrition cleaned up after the holiday. 

One way to increase your chances of success is to tap into some accountability.  If you're looking for support and accountability to help you survive the holiday then please email me to find out how my virtual accountability group works.  And don't trick yourself into believing that you don't have time or money for this... there are workouts as short as 10 minutes that you can do, and enrollment for every budget (even free!).

I hope that you found these tips helpful.  If you did, please share the article with your friends on social media.  


The top 5 wellness apps that keep me healthy

I don't know about you guys, but I rely on my smartphone for EVERYTHING - phone, email, photos, tasks, calendar and so much more.  There are many wellness apps that help me stay healthy and that is what I wanted to share with you today.  In recent conversations I've been having with people, I noticed that I recommended various apps to them so I thought this would make for a helpful blog post.  

Ok, so here you go.... these are the top 5 wellness apps that help keep me healthy.  

1. 21 Day Fix Tracker.  I use this app solely for tracking my nutrition.  I follow the Portion Fix nutrition system (which was first created with 21 Day Fix) which requires me to track my portions by the container / color assigned to each food group.  It's critical for me to track my nutrition because this is a weak area for me.  I need to have an easy way to log what I'm eating otherwise I won't do it. With this app, all I have to do is click on the container colors for the food I'm eating and it logs it in.  It takes virtually no effort at all and is the most effective system that I've ever used to keep me on track with my nutrition.   If you are following the Portion fix system make sure you get your hands on this app.  It will make your life so much easier!  

2. Fitbit.  I work at a desk all day, and I also have LONG commutes.  So needless to say - I sit on my butt way too much.  I love the Fitbit app because I can set goals for my steps and track them throughout the day.  I always set up or join challenges because being in a competition makes me move a lot more than I normally would (add me as a friend on Fitbit through my email  I also rely heavily on my Fitbit app for tracking my water intake and weight.  There are several other features available with the app as well but these are the ones that I consistently use and see great benefit from.  

3.  10% Happier.  This is an app for mindfulness practice.  I have been told for years how much mindfulness practice / meditation could help me with my stress and anxiety but I HATED IT.  I have tried so many methods, guided mediations, and apps and I always felt fidgety and would stress over how bad I was at it.  When I first heard of the 10% Happier app  I was intrigued by the tagline "mediation for fidgety skeptics".  I figured, since I was a fidgety skeptic,  that I would give it a try.  By the first lesson I was hooked.  What I have learned through the lessons and practices with this app is that we all have A LOT going on in our head and that mindfulness is not supposed to clear your head.  Mindfulness helps you become more aware of your thoughts and emotions which will help you control how you react to them.  I start each day with a lesson and practice in the app and it helps me get my mind right before the day gets crazy.  I have noticed many moments where I am able to relax in stressful situations, enjoy my food more or prevent emotional eating, and be more present.   THIS STUFF REALLY WORKS.  In today's crazy world, we can all benefit from becoming more mindful and present and I think this app makes it accessible to everyone (well, everyone with a smart phone at least).  

4.  My Challenge Tracker.  This is the app I use to run my challenge groups and I love it.  It allows me to track my workouts, Shakeology, goals and progress stats PLUS it keeps me connected with the coaches and challengers in our groups.  I think tracking my data + having accountability are two things that keep me highly motivated and this app offers both to me.  Thank you Beachbody for this awesome resource!

5. ThinkUp.  This app is awesome for improving your motivation and mindset.  Our mindset and thoughts have enormous impact on our self esteem, health, prosperity, and happiness. Positive affirmations are a simple (and proven) technique to make our mind work for us - not against us.  The app includes a huge database of affirmations that you can use, or you can create your own.  You can record them in your own voice, so whenever you need a little pick me up you can take a listen and remind yourself that YOU GOT THIS.  I listen to my affirmation every morning after my mindfulness practice and at least one more time later in the day (when it's time for that mental pick me up!).  

I hope you found this information helpful.  There are TONS of apps out there for all different wellness related topics.  Focus on the things that you need to improve on the most and search for apps that will help you improve those areas.  

I would love to hear from you:  what wellness apps are YOUR favorite?  

Are you struggling to stay consistent with your nutrition and fitness?  Or are you looking for an extra push to overcome a plateau or break free of boredom with your current routine? 

4 tips to help you get the best results when working out at home

Life is busy.  Adulting is hard.  For many of us, getting to the gym can be impossible but it is no reason to neglect your fitness.  Home fitness is a great solution for those of us who can't get to the gym.  

I know that many people feel they just CAN'T exercise at home and I completely sympathize and relate to those feelings.  I was a former gym girl myself but as a sucker for informercials I always had a stash of workout DVDs lying around.  I jokingly referred to them as the dust collectors - because I would try it a couple of times and then let them sit on my shelves collecting dust for months, even years.  I recently gave away all those old DVDs and several were still wrapped in the cellophane unused.  It wasn't that I didn't like the workouts on the DVDs it was because I loved the energy of the gym.  I loved the social aspect of being there and I also needed to be removed from home where I felt there were too many distractions.  BUT after I became a mom things changed and I no longer had the freedom to get to the gym like I had before.  I tried but sadly realized that (SHOCKER) making it to the gym for a 20 minute workout 1-2 times a week doesn't get results!  LOL

My only solution was to get my workouts in at home so I finally gave Beachbody a try.  It was a completely different experience for me and I was able to get amazing results without ever stepping foot in the gym.  In fact, I haven't been to the gym since I started Beachbody programs and I am more fit than I ever have been in my life!  I talk to people ALL THE TIME who write off home fitness due to past failures, so that was the inspiration for this blog post.  I hate talking to these people who are clearly frustrated with their health and fitness, yet they convince themselves that home fitness will not work for them.  I believe that anyone can make home fitness enjoyable and get amazing results if these 4 things are in place:  

1.  Follow a program.  One thing that was different wit Beachbody programs is that each program is designed for a specific training method.  They come with a collection of workouts and a calendar to follow.  They are put together by fitness professionals who designed the programs very strategically.  If you're looking for a home fitness solution, don't just pop in a random DVD or search online for workouts on YouTube.  Unless you are a trained fitness professional, then you are not knowledgeable enough to know what exercise you should be doing without ricking under-training or overtraining.  Also, when you have a complete program to follow it gives you a sense of commitment.  Lack of commitment is a huge reason why people fail with their fitness goals - at home and the gym!  

2.  Be clear on your nutrition requirements.  Again I will mention Beachbody, because I think they give you the whole package.  Their fitness programs also come with a specific eating plan suitable for that specific program.  Certain types of exercise require more calories or specific macros - it's not a one size fits all approach.  So you really have to be clear on what foods you should be eating and how much because (as you may have heard) you just can't out-exercise a bad diet. 

3.  Get it done early.  Try to make your workout the first thing you check off on your to-do list every day. I know a lot of people don't like the idea of waking up early for a workout but it is SO WORTH IT.  I don't love the idea of waking up early, but I do love the idea of knowing that no one else will be awake to distract me, that it will energize me, that it will put me in a happier mood, and that t is hands-down the only way I can consistently guarantee I'll get my workout in (without hating it).  I can't think of a single person who I've worked with that successfully sticks with their workout program who isn't doing morning workouts.  Your energy and willpower with lessen as the day goes on so when it comes to getting your sweat on - the earlier the better!  I believe so strongly in this that I even wrote an ebook on the subject that I give to my customers to help them shift to a morning workout routine.  

4.  Accountability.  Find someone who you trust is serious about their fitness goals and set up a way to hold each other accountable  Maybe you can meet and do your workouts together, or do daily check-ins, weekly progress reports, etc.  Connect with friends who support your habits and goals and will push you to stay consistent.  This is one of the greatest benefits of our challenge groups - connecting with other people who support your goals and keep you accountable.  Your bound to make better decisions when you see that others around you are making it work and cheering you on as well! 

I hope you found these tips helpful.  I did a Facebook live video, so if you're interested in hearing a bit more depth on these tips you can click here to watch it.  

And of course, if you'd like to learn more about the programs I mentioned or our challenge groups please email be at  


Chocolate Magic Protein Pudding

This post-workout recovery pudding is delicious and packed with nutrients, creatine and protein that will help you perform better and recover from your workouts more efficiently.  I call this chocolate magic because it not only tastes magical, but has super powers for your body.  It actually tastes exactly like a jello pudding cup, but this is so much healthier! 

Why is this so magical?
This little post-workout dessert contains a complete serving of (plant-based) protein, creating to help enhance muscle strength and endurance, plus the nutritional equivalent of more than 5 servings of salad. 

Remember this: if you take your fitness seriously then you have to take your nutrition (aka your fuel) seriously too!  Your post-workout recovery nutrition is a very important factor to your performance and results.  Choose wisely!  


  • 1/2 of a frozen banana
  • handful of ice
  • 1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk
  • 1 scoop of vegan chocolate Shakeology 
  • a dash of Himalayan pink salt
  • 1 scoop of Beachbody Performance creatine
Directions:  Put everything in a blender and blend that baby on high until it's completely smooth and creamy.  I use the smoothie cup attachment on my Ninja blender - which works perfectly for this!  

Want to learn more about the ingredients in this recipe?  Click the links to get more info on Shakeology and creatine.  

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