My Core De Force Experience: results, photos, and review


I just finished my 30 days of Core De Force.  This was actually my second attempt at the program because I first did it through the holiday season.   Even though I didn't miss any workouts I saw zero results thanks to all the food, sweets and wine.  This is proof that you CANNOT OUT-EXERCISE A BAD DIET!  

My second round of the program went much better.  I still wasn't perfect with my nutrition but I made a commitment to myself to plan and prep my food, track everything I ate and drank, and follow the 80/20 rule.  The past 30 days have been really crazy since I transitioned jobs.  There was lots of dining out and drinks during the last week or so at my job, and various social events on the weekends.  I knew I couldn't be perfect so by committing to the 80/20 rule I made sure that at least 80% of my nutrition had to be clean and no more than 20% could be for the cheats.  This allowed me to have some flexibility so I could still enjoy myself but it also put some much needed boundaries which helped keep me on track and making progress.  

MY RESULTS - Weight and Inches Lost
After 30 days of Core De Force I lost 3.2 lbs and 5.9 inches.  The inches lost were quite impressive because I lost 3 inches alone in my waist and 2 inches from my hips.  Not bad for 30 days!  Check out my before and after photos below and you can see there is less fat around my hips and abs.   

       BEFORE                                                               AFTER

      BEFORE                                                               AFTER

Ok, let's start off with all of the positives first....

There were several reasons why I enjoyed this program, but the biggest one is definitely the style and intensity of the workouts.  All of the workouts included a mix of martial arts training.  There was no equipment needed which is a plus for me since I am limited on both time and space.  At first, I have to admit, I felt pretty weak and uncoordinated when I started off in week one.  But I kept pushing through and once I got about half-way through I felt really empowered because I learned to let loose and get my head into the workouts.  I would pretend I was really fighting someone - which helped me increase my power, intensity, and let out my inner bad ass!  All the punches, elbows and kicks were tough but so FUN!  

I loved the trainers in Core De Force (Joel and Jericho) and I loved the cast.  Most of the cast were experienced in MMA and/or Muay Thai so I felt very motivated watching them even when the trainers were not doing the moves themselves.  My favorite cast member was the platinum blonde Swede who they nicknamed "Street Fighter Sophie".  This woman is so bad ass!  Every time they zoomed in on her I would feel myself pushing harder.  #goals 

The eating plan was not really new to me since it is based off the Portion Fix, and I have been using that now for almost 3 years.  I love this system because it helps me eat smarter without ever feeling like I am deprived or "on a diet".  Weeks two and three were lovely because you are allowed to eat extra servings of fruit and healthy fats.  This made me quite happy because I really like to eat and these are two of my favorite food groups, so needless to say I had no issues consuming the recommended extra food!  I didn't get to try all of the recipes in the eating plan, but the ones I did make were fantastic.  The chicken lettuce wraps and spaghetti squash with turkey meat sauce were my favorites because they were incredibly easy to make and delicious.  One recipe I am sad that I haven't tried yet is the BBQ BBQ chicken pizza - I have heard it's quite delicious!  

And now, to keep things 100% honest, there were two things I did not love so much about Core De Force... 

1) I could do without ever doing the Dynamic Strength workout again.  This workout never grew on me.  It was the only workout I did not care for.  There are so many push-ups (my area of weakness), it's a slower pace and longer time (47 minutes).  I found myself staring at the clock every time I did this workout

2) The scheduled workout time got a bit too long for me.  In weeks 3-4 a lot of the workouts fall between 37-47 minutes PLUS you are adding in anywhere from 5-15 minutes of abs.  Doing 50-60 minutes of exercise every day is just too much for me.  I exercise first thing in the morning and I have a lot to do to get both myself and my son out the door on time.  I am OK with adding in longer workouts here and there, but doing it back to back every day (even if it was only two weeks) was just too much.  I had to shave time off my workouts quite frequently which got frustrating.  

To wrap things up I must say that I truly did enjoy this program and would highly recommend it.  If you would like to learn more about Core De Force, I wrote a very informative blog post about it when it first launched.  Click here to read more on Core De Force: Everything You Need to Know About Beachbody's New Program.

If you have questions about Core De Force and/or would like to learn more about how you can take advantage of my free coaching if you do this program - PLEASE SEND ME AN EMAIL 

Now that I'm done with Core De Force I am getting ready to do P90X3.  I am so excited to try this program and BRING IT.  Stay tuned as I will be sharing results from my P90X3 journey!  

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