March is a pretty exciting month for me.  March 2013 was the month my son was born, and March 2014 was the month when I had a little rebirth of my own.

After having my son I definitely put my self-care on the backburner and I really lost myself.  I wasn't eating healthy, exercising, or sleeping well.  I struggled daily with anxiety.   I hated my body and had very low-confidence...  It was not the happiest of times.  I desperately wanted to lose the weight and feel like myself again.  Every Monday I had a grand plan to start a diet and exercise and I could never make it through a full day with hitting my goals.  This went on and on for months.  The frequent failed attempts to lose the baby weight were causing me more harm than good, because I would feel so guilty about my failures that I would go on and binge on more unhealthy food as a way to deal with my emotions.

But everything changed on that one momentous Monday:  March 10, 2014.  This was the day I started 21 Day Fix.

For 4 years now I have continued to use Beachbody programs and Shakeology as two of my most critical self-care tools.  They're effective, affordable and convenient.  To quote the legendary Choice Is Yours rap by Black Sheep " You can't beat that with a bat!"

My results go far beyond the scale.  Yes, I have transformed my body.  But I have also transformed my mind, my attitude, and quality of life.  This has benefitted my family greatly because we eat MUCH healthier, and mom has MUCH more patience, energy, and confidence.


To celebrate my 4-year anniversary, I'm going to be hosting a special 7-day SPRING CLEAN WEEK challenge from March 19-25. 

It's going to be 7 days of clean eating and exercise. If you've been too unsure or intimidated to try a Beachbody program or try one of my accountability groups - this is the perfect way to dip your toes in to test out the waters.  It's also a great option for those who have fallen off track with healthy habits and need a little sumthin sumthin to get motivated again.  There is zero cost to join the challenge, however, you can upgrade for a small fee if you'd like to get a 7-day Shakeology sampler to enhance your Spring CLEAN WEEK experience.

Email me if you'd like to join the challenge or have any questions.  And feel free to pass along the invite to your friends - the more the merrier!

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