Healthy Super Bowl Recipes and Tips

Are you planning to partake in some Super Bowl festivities this Sunday?  I sure am (I wouldn't miss out on watching the Pats in the Super Bowl followed by This is Us!) but I want to make sure I stay on track with my health goals so I don't totally blow it and wake up feeling like crap Monday morning.  

So, here's my GAME PLAN (pun intended) for Sunday.  If you're also trying to be healthy(ish), I think you'll find these tips helpful!  

1.  Prep with intermittent fasting and lots of H20
Sometimes on Sundays, I like to eat "normally" along with my family.  Since I will likely be eating later than usual this Sunday, and I want my body in fat-burning mode as long as possible, I'm planning to continue my intermittent fasting for Sunday.  My goal is to keep my eating window under 8 hours so I will choose a time where I will STOP eating, which then tells me I'll open my eating window.  I am planning to stop eating by 8pm so that means I'll open my eating window at noon or later.  Throughout the day I will ensure that I am keeping hydrated so that I hit my daily water goal of 90oz BEFORE the game starts.  Dehydration often feels like hunger to the body, so I don't want any false signals telling me to eat more than I should.  

2.  Prioritize and plan healthy snacks
If you're at home, this one will be a lot easier since you have control of the menu.  But regardless of where you're going to be watching the big game, you have to drill it into your head that you have to limit the unhealthy stuff.  There are tons of recipes out there on Pinterest, Facebook and Google for healthy game-day snacks.  Plan to make at least 1-2 healthy options so you know you'll have some healthy food to choose from. If there are delicious treats and/or decadent desserts that you just can't live without having, you don't have to feel totally deprived.  Choose 1-2 indulgences and limit your portions... and leave it at that!

If you need some ideas to start with, here are two of my favorite CHEAT CLEAN recipes: 

3.  Make a plate
This one is REALLY helpful for me:  no mindless munching!  It's amazing how much more food I will eat when I'm mindlessly grabbing snacks and finger foods.  When I actually make myself a plate I have a clear understanding of how much I'm eating so I don't overdo it.  Plus, I actually feel it's much more satisfying and enjoyable when I'm eating my food from a plate than I do when I'm mindlessly grabbing food while walking/talking.  

I hope you found these tips helpful!  Just remember, you have goals that are more important than a football game.  You can enjoy the action, the great company, and yes, even the game day snacks — without overdoing it!  

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