Food Freedom: overcome emotional eating, make better food choices, lose weight & feel great!

I struggle with emotional eating, mindless eating, secret eating… the hardest part for me with these bad habits is that I know they do not make me feel good about myself, yet I still find myself resorting back to them over and over.

Good news: there is FINALLY a program available to help overcome these bad eating habits.  And even better, it's simple, affordable and won't make you miserable!  This program is called 2B Mindset.

2B Mindset that was co-created by Ilana Muhlstein MS, RDN (Registered Dietitian Nutritionist) and Beachbody.  2B Mindset is a video-based weight-loss program that will change your mindset about food, your body, and losing weight. I’ve already gotten through most of the lessons in the program and have been putting the practices into play this week and so far it has helped me to make better food choices.  There have been food temptations, emotional eating urges, and just some odd cravings here and there.  I’ve been mindful of the mindset, principles, and strategies of the program and have mostly been able to avoid eating all together in these situations.  This is really impressive because I have been STRUGGLING to get back on track and STAY CONSISTENT with my nutrition. 

2B Mindset is not focused on what you CAN’T EAT.  Instead, it was designed to take on a simple and easy approach to focus on what you CAN EAT so you feel full, satisfied (never hungry or deprived!) and in control — without ever counting calories, points, cutting out food groups or even exercising if you don’t want to.

“You can lose weight happily,” says co-creator Ilana Muhlstein, who lost 100 pounds herself — and kept it off — using the 2B Mindset principles. She’s helped thousands of others lose weight through her private practice in Beverly Hills and a clinic at UCLA, and now she is able to help all of us achieve our goals by attacking the ROOT of the problem when it comes to our bad eating habits.

I'll be running a private support group for anyone who would like to lose weight and gain freedom from unhealthy eating habits, using the 2B Mindset.  I am so excited to continue on this journey myself and am even more excited to see what’s in store for all of you who join this FOOD FREEDOM movement! 

The support group will run from June 4-July 3.  Anyone who wishes to join must have me assigned as your free coach and have purchased the program by May 29th.

Interested?  Email me ASAP if you’d like to reserve your spot in the group or want more info!

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